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The Most Experienced Rust Repairers In Perth

At Rust Worx, we pride ourselves on repairing rust the proper way. Unlike most shops that use quick fixes like fiberglass fillers, we take the time to thoroughly clean, cut out, and weld new sheet metal, ensuring a lasting repair. Our comprehensive process includes rust treatment and priming before welding to prevent rust from reoccurring.

Whether you have a project car in need of restoration or a vehicle that requires rust repairs for an inspection, Rust Worx is your go-to expert. We also offer rust protection services, treating inside doors and chassis rails with a wax rust inhibitor for long-term peace of mind.

Discover our meticulous approach and dedication to quality here.

If your project car needs expert rust repair or you’re prepping for a pits inspection, Rust Worx has you covered. Trust us for thorough, lasting rust removal and protection.

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Pits Inspection Rust Repairs

Ensure your vehicle is roadworthy with our thorough pits inspection service, covering all safety and regulatory checks for inspection and registration.

5 (2)-min

Vehicle Restorations

Restore your vehicle to its former glory with our expert rust restoration. We clean, cut out, and weld new sheet metal for lasting results.


Smash Repairs

Quickly get back on the road with our professional smash repairs. We handle everything from minor dents to major collision damage.

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Windscreen Rust

Prevent windscreen rust from spreading with our specialised treatment, ensuring safety and long-term protection

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General Rust Repairs

Comprehensive rust repair services for any extent of damage. We provide thorough cleaning, cutting, welding, and prevention treatments.

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Media Sandblasting

Achieve a clean, rust-free surface with our precise sandblasting, perfect for preparing metal for restoration and further treatment.


Our Proven Rust Repair Process

At Rust Worx, we follow a meticulous process to ensure high-quality, long-lasting rust repair and restoration for your vehicle. Here’s how we do it:

Clean and Assess

We begin by thoroughly cleaning the area to evaluate the extent of the rust. Depending on the assessment, we either fabricate a new section or source an available replacement.

Weld and Prime

The new section is fully welded in place, and we apply a primer before welding. This process seals everything and prevents future rust from recurring.

Rust Treatment and Documentation

The treated area is rust-proofed to prevent future issues. We document all repairs with photos taken before, during, and after to ensure transparency and quality assurance.


What Our Clients Say

    I recently took my Mazda 3 into Rustworx to fix a corrosion issue located under the boot seal. While they were unavoidably a man down on the day so I had to leave my car there overnight, Gary and the crew got the job finished quickly the next morning and went above and beyond to help us out with a separate issue we had. Thanks guys!

    Marcel Doust

      Had some small rusty scratches repaired by Rust Worx on my LC200. I would recommend them. Busy shop, friendly team and quality work.

      Visnu Thachnamurthy

        Excellent service and a very professional job. Thanks Gary for your help cutting out the cancer in the Falcon. Would definitely recommend Rust Worx to anyone needing to get rust repairs done.

        Darren Mackaay

          Rustworx repair rust on my toyota coaster great job. On time and great guys

          Richard Puccini

            Very happy with the work they done can't see the rust anymore and the finished paint job excellent.

            Shirley Davey

              I called Rust Worx Panel and Paint to ask for some work done on a car door. In the interest of honesty and good will, they advised me AWAY from that option, suggesting I see a wrecker for a replacement part. This recommendation turned out to be the best one, despite it meaning no money in their pocket. This sort of honesty and integrity is rare. A business that can do the job is nice. A business that will tell you when the expensive option isn't in your interest is rarer than gold. Reward that honesty and see how it rewards your wallet in return. Go to Rust Worx Panel and Paint.

              Peter Richard Honey

                Rust Worx are my champions - in all ways. Not only did they take on a job that was quite difficult they did it with great communication, decent price and fabulous customer service. The guys that work there made me feel very special by all speaking to me when I collected my camper van. They ran through what they had done and the stubby holder just topped off a great experience. I am recommending them to other Toyota hiace owners. Thanks Gaz and gang.

                Maxine Boyd

                  I would recommend Gary, and his team, to anyone considering rust removal, body work, or spray painting. I was very happy with the restoration job on my XD Ford Fairmont Ghia. Friendly service, and good quality workmanship.

                  Simon Pearsall

                    Fantastic service and magic work! Gary went above and beyond expectations and out of his way to help us out with getting our 87 Landcrusier over the Pits for registration (it has some serious rust). Always available for communication and extremely flexible. Would recommend to all. Cheers Gary!

                    Hamish Mckay

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