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Pits Inspection Rust Repairs

Expert Rust Repairs for Pits Inspection Compliance

If you’ve recently undergone a pits inspection and discovered rust that needs repair to pass, we are here to help. At Rust Worx, we can repair and paint the problematic areas. While pits inspectors usually request that the repaired area be left in bare metal, we provide detailed photos of the repair process and the removed rusty section as proof of our high-quality work.

What You'll Get

Wax Protection

Every repaired area will be injected with cavity wax to protect the repaired area.

Expert Repair Advice

Receive expert advice on necessary repairs to keep your vehicle in top condition.

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Schedule your pits inspection rust repairs with our skilled mechanics today. Ensure your vehicle is roadworthy and compliant with all regulations. Get peace of mind with Rust Worx.

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